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Demo a Bike!

Both shops have Demo bikes comprising mostly of Off Road Bikes and Electric Bikes (both recreational and off road). Each location has a different selection so give us a call to find out before you come so you go to the right location. Make sure you call ahead to check availability. Bike Demo’s are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

What To Bring?

We do not rent cycling shoes or pedals. And we DO NOT provide a helmet. You will need to bring your own helmet or purchase one. We have helmets starting at $29.  Please bring your shoes and pedals if you have them. (All demos come with flat platform pedals). Bring any items that might make your riding experience better (saddle, cycling shorts, front or rear hydration systems, ect.). We also have a “trunk mount” bike rack we rent for $20 if you do not have your own bike rack system. We would not want a demo bike put in a car trunk or the like…. this can damage the bike.

What To Expect?

We will pick the right model for you. We will do a quick sizing and give your demo a safety check. We will show you how to use the brakes, shifters, quick release, ect. And we will have you fill out some short forms and take payment. The whole process will likely take about 20-30 minutes.

What are the Demo Rates?

Demos are charged in 24 hours segments. Example: If you pick a bike up at noon Monday and return it prior to noon on the following Tuesday, that is a 1 day demo. If you return that same bike after noon on Tuesday, the demo now becomes a 2 day demo.

Every rider will need to sign a waiver for all demos, acknowledging that you are responsible for any theft or damages to the bike. Due to demo policy, you will be charged for the bike in full, and we will refund that amount minus the demo fees when the bike is returned. If the bike has been damaged we will have to charge accordingly.

** If you purchase a bike from Wheel World within 60 days of your demo use, we will apply the demo charges towards the purchase of the bike and give you *Free Lifetime Adjustments and a Lifetime Warranty! (ask a sales person for the details)


Bikes:  $60 for each 24 hours segment.

E-Bikes:  $80 for each 24 hour segment.

Bike Rack: $20 for each 24 hour segment.