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Get Charged Up Boost Your Voltage On An Electric Bike

Experience A Whole New Cycling World

It's impossible to ride an electric bike without a smile. You’ll go further, faster, and feel freer with added speed and power. Double the length of your rides, or climb hills you used to shy away from - there’s no limit to where you can go on an electric bike. Our team is knowledgeable and friendly, and we're here to help you find the right bike in the right size.

What’s Your Vibe?

Electric bikes come in many styles to handle any ride. We can help you decide which bike is right for you!

Cruise Around Town

Get the best of every type of cycling with a hybrid e-bike. Weekend warriors and commuters alike are well suited to hybrid electric bikes - you can pivot from fun rides to zooming past traffic in a pinch. 

Tackle More Trails

Go beyond your usual stopping point with an electric mountain bike. Climb hills that were once insurmountable, enjoy longer rides, the possibilities are endless. Available in hardtail and full suspension.

Explore New Roads

Electric road bikes are the best way to cover more distance and keep up with your faster friends when you’re cruising the streets. The boost of additional power means more mileage and more fun.

In-Stock & Ready To Test Ride

Electric Bike Checklist

There are tons of fun bike accessories out there but some are more important than others. We'd love to get to know you and learn about your riding goals to make personalized recommendations. Here's a good place to start:



  • High Quality Helmet
  • Front & Rear Lights
  • Flat Pack & Floor Pump
  • Full Water Bottle
  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Regular E-Bike Maintenance


  • Bell
  • U-Lock
  • Electric Bike-Specific Car Rack
  • Cycling Shorts & Jersey
  • Basket or Panniers
  • GPS Cycling Computer

Shop Our Most Popular Bike Accessories

Gear Up & Go

Safe and reliable bike gear will lead to more enjoyable rides. We want to help you to be prepared for anything, read more about our suggested electric bike essentials:

High Quality Helmets

Safety first, fun second. Look, it’s actually pretty safe out there, but you never know what’s around the next bend. Our new helmets are more protective and comfortable than ever and are styled to fit every rider’s personal preferences. We recommend replacing your helmet at least every 3-5 years to ensure it works as designed when you need it.

Front & Rear Lights

Front and rear lights ensure a safer, smoother riding experience. Add reflective equipment to your setup for additional coverage on the road and on the trail. Studies have found that daytime running lights improve visibility in all conditions, so there’s never a bad time to shine. Check out our selection of bright, durable front and rear lights.

Flat Pack & Floor Pump

Flats happen - that’s just life. As the saying goes, “prepare for the worst, expect the best,” so we advise keeping a flat kit on you during rides. Pick a pump, chain lube, and a multi-tool for when you need to perform a little maintenance on your e-bike. For bigger jobs, bring your ride into the shop for a proper tune-up. Our expert mechanics will get your electric bike back in fighting shape for you. 

Full Water Bottle

Though your e-bike might make it seem like you’re hardly working, staying hydrated is always important. Make sure you have a full water bottle or two and don't forget to pack nutritious snacks so that you can keep your energy up on longer rides.

Comfortable Clothing

Refresh your cycling wardrobe with fashionable and functional new apparel. Our cycling-specific clothing is designed to keep you comfortable on the bike. We carry everything from padded cycling shorts, jerseys, socks, and gloves in a wide range of styles so you can look and feel good. Stop by the shop to try on your next riding digs today.

Regular E-Bike Maintenance

Like any bicycle, regular maintenance is essential for safe operation. Before your ride make sure your battery is fully charged, check your tire pressure, test your brakes, and follow any other manufacturer recommendations. Visit us every six months for inspection and professional a professional tune-up.

Have Any Questions?

We've got answers. We have a great team of professional and friendly electric bike enthusiasts to guide your way. Call or stop by today for more information on the perfect electric bike for you.