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DVO Garnet Dropper Post
WHY GARNET DROPPER? The design philosophy of the Garnet is simple. Making something that works. DVO didn’t try to reinvent the wheel or debut some crazy new technology… DVO just wanted to make a product you can count on. Since the creation of the dropper post, they’ve been unreliable, finicky, and difficult to maintain. DVO decided to confront this headache of a product segment and make something simple and dependable. UNIVERSAL LEVER: For ease of installation and adjustment, the Garnet uses a cable actuated system controlled with a bar attached lever. DVO designed the remote to be simple and work with most designs on the market. If you happen to break it, you can use a remote from another post. EASY ACCESS AIR VALVE: Another simple, yet extremely useful feature of the Garnet is it’s easily accessible air valve. The days of having to remove your saddle and get a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove the air cap are over. EASY SERVICE! MOST DEPENDABLE POST ON THE MARKET: No matter how much effort you put into a product to make it as bullet-proof as possible, things do happen. It’s inevitable. DVO wanted to make those situations as easy as possible to deal with so you can get back out there and ride. All of our products are easy to work on without any specialty tools needed. If you aren’t confident enough to try and rebuild it yourself, we always here to help! SPEC: Actuation:Cable Remote Adjustment:Infinite Cable Routing:Internal or External Clamp Style:Standard Rails Color:Black Diameter:30.9 or 31.6 Length:385mm at 125mm Travel Travel:100mm -125mm - 150mm Weight:574g. (FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON DVO!!!)
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