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Shimano WH-MT55 29er 15mm Front
$229.99 $449.99 49% Off
Weld joint rim gives enough strength High quality sealing Cup & Cone bearing Quick pawl engagement for perfect traction E-thru 15mm stiff axle (WH-MT55-F15, WH-MT55-F15-29) CENTER LOCK rotor mount for easy and quick installation 29ER version available (WH-MT55-29) Weight: 853g (WH-MT55-F) 850g (WH-MT55-F15) 950g (WH-MT55-F-29) 950g (WH-MT55-F15-29) 1030g (WH-MT55-R) 1100g (WH-MT55-R-29)
Shimano Deore XT WH-M8020 Trail Wheels (29-inch)
• Model Number : WH-M8020 • Series : DEORE XT • Brake Type : Center Lock Disc • Axle Type : 15mm E-Thru • Over Locknut : 100mm • Axle Length : 100mm • Rim Type : Offset rim • Rim Height : 18.8mm • Rim Width : 27.9mm • Recommended Tire : 29x2.00-2.35 • Increased tire rigidity for improved traction. • 24C wide-profile offset rim. • Front/ Rear: E-thru. • 28pc butted spokes (F&R). • Offset rim design for durable wheel construction.
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